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19 sep 2023 à 15:25 The delivery in reality took 90 minutes, I selected 60 Minutes. The packing was not good and Curry was spilt over all other items.
12 sep 2023 à 20:21 The delivery in reality took 105 minutes (but the maximum time I could select was 90 minutes) . Food was top quality, althoud not so hot anymore after the long delivery...
8 sep 2023 à 22:12 Food was excellent, best takeout we've had in 3 years of living in Belgium. Delivery took 60 mins which is a bit much but he found us and was reliable.
3 sep 2023 à 23:11 Delicious!
28 jui 2023 à 23:48 Excellent. Les nouilles sautées sont vraiment bonnes.
17 jui 2023 à 22:26 Plats très bons ainsi que le pain naan. Livraison hyper rapide
5 jun 2023 à 14:19 Salt and spices are way too less than normal Delivery was such a horror. The person delivering went to someother address and i had to keep calling two different numbers and finally had to private message and wait for another 20mins to get it deliever
23 mai 2023 à 0:48 Gewoon wow! Zeker een aanrader!